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In this backdrop we felt a strong urge to set up a specialized centre where we can deal the different types of skin allergic and related diseases in a more organized manner. Our perspective remains global whereas our concern has been focused on the skin diseases prevalent in local surroundings of our country especially West Bengal and surrounding states.
Along with treating and caring patients we are also trying to do researches on pattern and causes of commonly encountered skin diseases. We have started investigations not commonly done here to yield the root cause of the diseases, if possible. Besides we are regularly holding seminars and meetings for interaction among us and the physicians from other Institutes. We are regularly presenting papers in both National and International conferences for attention of other scientists towards our focal problems.
In the recent years various types of skin allergic and immunological disorders are increasing in galloping rate all over the globe due to environmental hazards and life pattern changes. Our country is not an exception. However, as a developing country we have not yet procured enough infrastructures to combat the challenges faced by our health system day-to-day.
We feel in every moment of our journey that we have a social commitment. Hence we have tried to limit the cost of investigations and therapy as far as possible. For poorer section of the society we try to give some concession wherever possible. We have already arranged some free skin check up camp at industrial belt and some school as well as patient awareness programme and looking forward to do more in future. Our aim and objects will be fulfilled only when our service to the ailing human beings will make them disease- free and satisfied



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